Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is Freedom Your New Year's Resolution?

Is Freedom Your New Year's Resolution?

Freedom from ... what?

Freedom to ... what?

Freedom for ... whom?

No matter how you fill in the blanks, you, individually, have it within your power to advance freedom in a concrete way in your own small section of the planet.

The know-it-alls and the talking heads are all saying 2012 is such an important year.

But why?

It's absolutely NOT because it's a presidential election year.

It's categorically NOT because most of the Congress is facing election.

It's unquestionably NOT even because most state executives and legislators will be running around playing musical chairs.

THE REASON 2012 is such an important year is because the powers that be are spending enormous sums of money to keep you from achieving power in your own right. The powerful will distract you from focusing on your power with entertaining scandals, speculation, and surveys.

The power brokers will rely on the propaganda that they have fed to you from cradle to now. They will rely on the well-trained inner voice they have cultivated in you for years that says -- "It's not for me," "I can't do it," "I'm not smart enough," "I'm too busy," and on and on. And, as a back up plan, the purveyors of power will rely on a law of nature, also known as Newton's First Law of Motion: An object at rest will remain at rest unless an unbalanced force acts upon it.


2012 is an important year because little old you are being shown how to be that 'unbalanced force' on the path to restoring freedom, not only for yourself, but for everyone you represent.

If that inner voice is giving you an excuse, you should be asking yourself, why?


The first steps on the path to freedom in 2012 are the 1,784 Iowa precinct caucuses. That equates to an opportunity for thousands of you and your freedom loving associates to individually ascend from a power-deprived voter to a seat at the table of political power.

After Iowa, almost every other state will follow from now to September.

Will you give your children and grandchildren a litany of excuses of why you refused to take power when it was within your reach?

On Saturday, (New Year's Eve), Project City Hall will host the Iowa Precinct Caucus Teleconference. It's not going to be about which presidential candidate will win the caucuses. It's going to be about you taking a seat at the table of power.

After we've addressed questions from the Iowans on the call, we'll lay out the plan for taking power in the rest of the states over the next nine months.

What:Iowa Precinct Caucus Teleconference
When:December 31, 2011 at 4:00 pm (Central)
Where:Your home or mobile telephone
Details:To receive teleconference call details, Sign up or text Iowa PC, {your name}, {your e-mail address} to (973)498-8066

For additional information about the Iowa Precinct Caucuses, see Iowa Precinct Caucus.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Iowa Precinct Caucus

Iowa Precinct Caucus

The Iowa precinct caucuses are upon us.

This is another opportunity to achieve a center of power and it won't come around again for another two years.

You've all been hearing about the Iowa Caucuses in connection with the Presidential Preference Poll and that is the first order of business at the caucus.

What you may not be aware of is the other important business that happens immediately after the Presidential Preference Poll that is actually more important in terms of taking back the centers of power.

Each of the dozens of precinct caucuses in all ninety-nine counties will also elect at least two (in many cases more than two) precinct committeemen to the party county executive committee. This is where everyday people like you and I can move into a center of power.


Most importantly, you have to show up.

You have to reside within the precinct boundary.

You have to be registered to vote (or 18 years old by November 2012) and indicate a party affiliation for the party you want to represent.

You can even change your party affiliation at the caucus. How easy is that?

I challenge you. Do you have what it takes to actually accomplish something of lasting effect? Or will you use one of your pat excuses? I've heard them all. (See The Power Is There for the Taking.)

To answer questions and to prepare you for your precinct caucus on Tuesday night, Project City Hall will produce a live teleconference on Saturday afternoon (see below) to discuss strategy and answer your questions.

What:Iowa Precinct Caucus Teleconference
When:December 31, 2011 at 4:00 pm (Central)
Where:Your home or mobile telephone
Details:To receive teleconference call details, Sign up or text Iowa PC, {your name}, {your e-mail address} to (973)498-8066

What:Iowa Caucus Night
When:January 3, 2012 at 7:00 pm
Where:Your precinct caucus

How to Determine Your Precinct

  1. Go to the Polling Place search page and enter your ZIP code and address.
    For example:
    Winneshiek County
    1959 Fox Hollow Rd, Decorah, IA 52101
  2. Note Your Precinct Name on the results page. (Don't assume that the polling place is the where the caucus will be held.)
    For example:
  3. Go to the party caucus listing page and search (CTRL-F in most browsers) the page for the precinct name.
  4. Write down the address and print a map if you need to.
    For example:
    3495 N. Winn Rd.
    Decorah, IA 52101

Before the Caucus

  1. Call your county executive committee and ask how many precinct committeemen (leaders) your precinct can elect. (It will be at least two.)
  2. Ask for the procedure to nominate precinct leaders.
  3. Ask for the names of each of the current precinct leaders and their contact information (e-mail address and telephone number). If there are none, ask for the paperwork (rules, forms, building access contact) so that you can conduct the precinct caucus yourself.
  4. Ask for the number of people who attended the precinct caucus in 2008 (the previous presidential election year).
  5. Join other Iowans on the live teleconference call (see below) where you can ask questions.
  6. Prepare printed information about yourself so that you can quickly communicate the information to everyone in attendance.
  7. Prepare printed information about any party platform ideas that you have.

At the Caucus

  1. Arrive an hour early, if possible.
  2. Greet as many people as you can as they arrive and offer them your printed information. (Don't get distracted by the Presidential Preference Poll.)
  3. When the agenda turns to the election of precinct committeemen (leaders), make sure that your name is placed in nomination.
  4. When the agenda turns to the election of delegates to the county convention, make sure that your name is placed in nomination.

You Can Do It!

Winning a caucus election happens very quickly. You can do it if you take a few minutes to prepare in advance and have a plan. Many people are looking for leaders and will accept almost anyone who simply steps up to lead. Just look at your current set of elected officials for proof of that.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who wants to take their country back.
  • Anyone who values freedom and liberty.
  • If you're already a preceinct committeeman, attend to encourage others and to relate your own experience.