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Michigan Precinct Committeeman Election

Michigan Precinct Committeeman Election

Michiganders will elect precinct delegates in more than 5,700 precincts and wards across the state at the Michigan Primary Election on August 5, 2014.

Well, that's not totally true, because as many as half of those precinct delegate positions will remain vacant for lack of interest or lack of awareness.

Do you like the way your party is run in your county? In Michigan? Well, you can change that. But you have to get up off the couch and put yourself on the ballot.

This is another opportunity to achieve a center of power and it won't come around again for another two years.


Most importantly, you have to get on the ballot.

You must live within the precinct boundary.

You must be registered to vote (or 18 years old by the filing deadline, May 6, 2014) and indicate a party affiliation for the party you want to represent. You can change party affiliation at the time you file.

I challenge you. Do you have what it takes to actually accomplish something of lasting effect? Or will you use one of your pat excuses? I've heard them all. (See The Power Is There for the Taking.)

What:Michigan Precinct Committeeman Teleconference
When:Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 7:00 pm (Central)
Where:Your home or mobile telephone
Details:To receive teleconference call details, Sign up or text Michigan PC, {your name}, {your e-mail address} to (973)498-8066

To get the teleconference details, text 'Michigan PC' with your name and e-mail address to (973)498-8066 or sign up at Project City Hall ( ).

Can you help yourself out?

Each of you has family, friends, and neighbors. Share this post with them so that they can learn how to attain their share of power in the party.

To learn more about what delegates are, if you don't already know, take a minute and read Precinct Committeeman - A Center of Power ( ).


To answer questions and plan to install like-minded people in the Republican Party organization, Project City Hall will produce a live teleconference to discuss strategy and answer your questions.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who wants to take effective action.
  • Anyone who wants to take their country back.
  • Anyone who values freedom and liberty.
  • If you're already a county committee member, attend to encourage others and to relate your own experience.

What You'll Learn

  • The power of the committee member.
  • How to win in a competitive election.

How to Determine Your Precinct

If you're not currently registered, or your registration does not match your current home address, you may still have time to get your registration in order. Contact your Town or City Clerk.

To check your voter registration and determine your precinct, use the Michigan Secretary of State's Michigan Voter Information Center at:

Michigan Voter Information Center
Fill in your first and last name, month and year of birth, and zip code. Then you'll be asked for the last four-digits of your social security number. Note down your registration information and your precinct.

How to Get on the Ballot

Getting on the ballot is as easy as filling out the form titled Precinct Delegate Affidavit of Identity and Receipt of Filing. There is no fee or any other disclosures required.

The form must be notarized. Besides the county clerk's office, which may provide notary service at no charge, your bank or local professionals, like real estate agents and accountants, may also provide free notary service. Otherwise, any business center like Kinkos, Staples, UPS Store, provide the service for a small fee. Once notarized submit TWO copies to your county clerk or other authorized election official. (If you get the paper form, I believe, it is a multi-part form with a carbon copy.

How the Republican Party Works in Michigan

For the Republican Party, Michigan has a three-level process.

  1. Direct election precinct delegates at primary election.
  2. Election of county officers and state delegates at county committee meetings.
  3. Election of state officers at state committee meeting.

County Party Information

If you have corrections or additions to this information, please let us know.


You've Got A Friend

All politics is local. We cannot reach the goal alone. We need your help. These people are actively recruiting precinct delegates in their county. If you'd like to recruit for your county, add your comment to this article and a way to contact you.


County Rules Analysis

Below you will find an analysis of county organization rules that differ from the norm.



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